4 Obvious Things You Can Do to Improve Infant Cognitive Development

Infant cognitive development: 4 Obvious things you can to to improve your baby's

Ever wondered whether you can increase infant cognitive development? For a long time it has been debated by child development specialists by how much you can really increase the development of your child’s brain power. 

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Once your child’s basic needs are taken care of, such as proper attention, health care, nutrition and sleep, what can you do to produce a cognitively superior human to the world in eighteen years? 

The methods concerning infant development are up to debate. And there are many snake-oil salesmen out there who will promise gullible parents the world. But we know there are a few things that can make an infant more mindful and broaden his minds past the next baby’s.

But what are the obvious things parents can do to improve infant cognitive development? 

4 Obvious things you can do to improve infant cognitive development

1. Read to your child

First and foremost, a parent can read to the child. 

This is the oldest and most accepted way of attempting to increase a child’s brain power and help develop the infant’s brain.  As the child hears the parent’s voice reading, he or she may not understand the words, but they understand that they are being given attention all because of that book mom or dad is holding.

If the same book is read repetitively, an infant will grow to “memorize” not the works, but the lull and intonation of the reader, and become interested in other books.  If a child grows up being read to, he or she will develop a predisposition to consider reading as a pleasurable activity and will excel at reading speed, development and comprehension in school. 

Studies have also shown that children that come from households where one or more parents read for pleasure score higher on standardized tests.  Once again, it is thought to be the students that were exposed to this type of infant cognitive development in their early years that correlate reading with pleasure that do better in school later on in life.

2. Give stimulation and cuddling

Infants that receive plenty of stimulation and cuddling from the parent at an early age seem to become more developed and more proficient in the later years on standardized tests and in general schoolwork.  When a parent stimulates a baby by giving lots of affection and attention, the infant often seems more alert and excited. 

3. Sing and tell rhymes

A parent must be serious about infant development to constantly repeat songs and such to the developing baby. 

When sung to and told rhythmic nursery rhymes, the young infant will learn the tone and rhythm of different songs and rhymes and look toward the singer and then begin to turn toward voices and sounds. 

Eventually, the more developed infant will begin to smile and laugh at those who sing and play voice games with him or her and will have an increased opportunity in life.

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Take-home tips for improving infant cognitive development

  1. reading to your child is probably on of the very best ways to cognitive development

  2. talking and cuddling are known ways to get better results

  3. sing and tell stories or nursery rhymes

  4. give lots of different and varying ways of stimulation

In short, the more developed infants who receive stimulation by parents, singing, being talked to and cuddledwith seem to rise above other infants at the same stage who receive the same care of basic needs. 

Those that are read to are universally found to do better in school, and thus infant development can be improved by motivated parents. 

Infant development is not an exact science, but as test scores and childhood activities become more cutthroat, parents must do everything as far as infant development in order for their baby to reach the top.

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