Why Trying to Improve Infant Motor Development Does Not Always Work

Infant motor development: Why Trying to Improve a Baby’s Physical Development Doesn’t Always Work

Let me be brutally honest: trying to improve infant motor development doesn't always work. Let me explain.

Parents are forever trying to work with their babies to make sure that their children are a cut above the rest of the babies.  When it comes to IQ and mental development, sometimes some of the methods parents use can be effective in the long run. 

For encouraging infant motor development

I bought this toy for my 4 month old daughter. I loved the fact that it grows with the baby. So far my daughter and my 2 year old son LOVE this toy. It is not hard to change the levels for each of them or they can both play with it at any level. My son does try to pry the shapes out when it is set at level one and they are locked into place. So I usually change the level for him. He gets a lot of enjoyment out of making the top pop up and taking the shapes out. My infant loves to roll around on the floor and bat around at this toy and see the lights and music. This toy is unlike anything I have ever seen. It is a very nice toy! The music is nice and volume adjustable. The volume control is very nice because my son or daughter cant adjust it themselves so it stays at a desirable level. The lights are pleasing to look at and the music and sounds are very cool. I highly recommend this toy!

But it’s when parents attempt to put their babies markedly above the norm in physical development that often leaves them disappointed and dejected. 

You know that beside the normal things that parents can do to take care of and create a thriving baby, proper nutrition, proper attention and loving, proper healthcare, etc., there are quite a few things that you can do to influence the intellectual development of your baby. 

But you will most likely not see immediate results. In fact, you may not see the results of your actions until the child is old enough to attend school and/or take standardized tests.  

However, often parents mistakenly believe that if they influence infant motor development then they will see the results right away and immediately reap the benefits. Another obvious mistake they make is setting unrealistic expectations.

Simply stated… they expect too much too soon.

What Works For Improving Infant Motor Development

There is one widely accepted practice known as “tummy time” when your child is fully awake and then placed on his stomach on the floor.  When parents practice this as recommended, numerous studies have shown that your child is less likely to lag in development. He is more likely to pick up and master milestones like rolling over, sitting up, and crawling. 

So while “tummy time” is good for physical development, it doesn’t necessarily put a child above the curve… making him better than your friend’s baby. In most cases relying on tummy time must be seen as a preventative measure for baby’s ongoing physical development.

Stated differently, tummy time stimulation can be seen as a measure to keep your baby’s development up to par with the norm, but it is not a surefire way to drastically improve it beyond the norm.

What Seems to Work for Improving Infant Motor Development… But Does Not

There are assortments of devices in stores that parents can purchase that seem to help baby achieve a milestone sooner.  There are walkers that allow a baby to “walk” around an area, supported by loads of plastic with wheels on the bottom, but when one takes the baby out of the walker, the baby is no closer to walking than he or she was before. 

There are exersaucers that allow the baby to stand up, rotate and jump, but, once again, when taken out, the baby is no closer to standing up unassisted than he or she was before.

Crawley bumps play set for encouraging physical development

In fact, if most of these devices are used as a substitution for normal infant activities, your baby’s development may in all probability slow down.

While these products may be fun for the child and convenient for the parent, they are not necessarily going to radically improve your baby’s physical development. 

But, they may aid in your child’s mental development in more way than one. For one, you will probably spend more time interacting and encouraging your baby!

Keep This in Mind

Bottom line is, there is no harm in buying any baby toy meant to improve any development, as long as you keep in mind that you child must also get time for ‘normal’ baby activities like tummy time. While the toy may provide hours of fun and other stimulation, it may not necessarily provide the boost in physical development you were hoping for.

Improving infant motor development is largely dependent on getting your baby to do physical exercises… mainly using baby’s own strength and efforts.

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