Infant spits up

My 3 month old infant spits up a lot and hasn’t had a bowel movement for a week. He also seems to pass a lot of gas.

I did discuss it with my doctor. He says that infants spitting up are quite normal and nothing to worry about. Also, my baby is gaining weight in the normal range. But, just as other first time moms, I am really worried. So if it is reflex, what are the consequences of not treating it? Will it get better on its own or is there something else I need to do?

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Baby Losing Weight
by: Courtney K

The important thing is to watch for your baby losing weight. Try giving your baby some Milicon. It worked miracles for our little girl. She had lots of gas and it really helped a lot. I would be a little concerned about your baby not having a bowel movement in a week. To me, that does not seem normal. However, spitting up is normal for a baby as long as you baby does not start losing weight. Keep a close eye on the weight gain and loss. And contact your ped if you spot any sudden changes.

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