Infant's cold

by Grace
(Beirut, Lebanon)

I am concerned about my infant's cold. My baby is 3 months old and has been having a runny nose for over 2 weeks. I am using salty water drops and nasal aspirators. He is also not feeding well (breastfeeding). I even tried to give him a bottle. He is getting more sleep during the day than at night. Is it normal? What should I do?

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A baby cold

A baby cold usually only lasts about a week or so, but there may be some other cause of this problem. A baby at this age still has an immature immune system which can make him susceptible to any infections. This is especially so as babies of this age reach out for everything and then put their fingers in their mouths, which makes it easy to pick up infections.

As for the breast feeding, it is difficult if the nose is blocked as he will have difficulty breathing and feeding. Perhaps you could express some milk and feed him with a spoon for a while. Is the mucus produced clear or is it green or yellow? If there are no other symptoms then this is probably a cold.

Does your baby have a slight fever? If he does not, then there is probably some other cause which may need checking out by a physician. This is especially so if there are other symptoms such as itchy eyes, diarrhea or vomiting.

Baby cold
by: Anonymous

A Baby cold can seem to last astonishingly long! And the number of times I have wished I could blow her little nose for my daughter ? I know exactly how much the cold may be bothering your baby and you.

As long as baby does not show any other symptoms and seems to eating enough, you just need to stick it out for a bit until baby is better.

As for feeding, try this - My friend tried this with great success. She expressed breast milk and spoon fed her baby because the blocked nose made feeding in any other way uncomfortable.

Baby colds
by: Anonymous

Baby colds do seem to go on for a worryingly long time and that stuffy nose can really worry them (the parent even more so). It can also hamper their feeding.

If the nasal drops and so on are also not working you may want to consult a doctor about administering an infant equivalent of an antihistamine which will not only clear the nasal passage but also help baby sleep better.

Also consider it if is some or other allergy that is responsible for the runny nose. It may not be a cold after all.

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