Intellectual Development

by Tiffany
(Oakmont, PA USA)

What techniques and methods are used to stimulate brain development?

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Two pages you can immediately turn to are
. Quite a few articles and ecourses lead from those pages. You may also want to read those resources for a few more ideas.

If you still want a few more ideas, then read the articles posted on this site by
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Encouraging language development
by: CBender20

Children go through different stages of cognitive development on their own. Some folks think encouraging your child's language growth can help intellectual development. Parents can assist by often reading to them and by using correct speech around them. Another good tool is naming different objects that you may come into contact with.

Human interaction
by: Anonymous

If its infants you are speaking about, human interaction would have to be one of the single most important things to stimulate learning and brain development. Speaking to a child, showing affection, cuddling, are all great for stimulating the brain and learning.

That is probably why second children seem to achieve milestones earlier than first ones ? they interact more with kids so that they may pick up their first words early, their recall and recognition may also be better than babies who are left to play by themselves.

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