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My grandson has turned 1 and still is not crawling. He can push himself backwards and turn in a different direction, but has no desire to learn to crawl. If you sit him on the floor he sits up straight and sturdy, but is not even trying to pull himself into a standing position or try to sit from laying down. He also does not even try to scoot around on his bum. He has reached other goals for his age and is a very happy little boy.

Am I just being a concerned grandparent? If there are some techniques I can do with him please let me know. My daughter has talked to her doctor, but he has not given any advice on what to do.

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Help baby crawl

Is this an only child who has everything done for him? Perhaps he sees no need to crawl because he is given everything.

I had a sister who hadn?t crawled at 20 months. She had been a very frail baby at first so everyone ran to answer her every need. Then one day my father got fed up ?Get it yourself if you want it.? She never did crawl, but to our astonishment, pulled herself up, walked across the room to fetch her toy and then turned and walked back!

If your grandson is pushing himself around he can presumably get to where he wants to be without crawling. Also, if there are carpets this makes scooting difficult. Does he pull himself up if placed on your lap? Does he press down with his feet? Did he reach other milestones at a reasonable rate?

How much opportunity does your grandson have to practice? If he is only actually in a position to crawl for a few minutes at a time and spends most of his time strapped into a chair, is carried a lot, or in a cot he may just be short of practice.

I would suggest placing things he likes just out of reach, but I suppose he will reach them by pushing.

If your daughter goes to the doctor again suggest she writes down any questions first and sits it out until she gets answers. Does the doctor think for example that a neurological examination is needed?

Skill to crawl
by: Anonymous

Babies all develop the skill to crawl along the same path, but they do not do so at the same rate. Comparing your baby to charts or to other babies, or what their mothers tell you, will only increase the stress you find.

But let us look at a few practical things that may affect when your baby starts to crawl.

How much opportunity does your baby have to actually crawl? If you are carrying him around all the time, or he is confined to a cot or pram for most of the day, it may simply be that he hasn?t had enough time to practise. I?ve met one mother who was so worried about her daughter picking up infections that she was never placed where she had any opportunity to crawl. This continued until the child was well over a year old. By that time mom went back to work, the child was in a nursery for several hours a day and she soon caught up.

Is your child developing normally in other areas? Can he for instance control his head and swallow solids? Is muscle tone normal? If the tone is low, then it is difficult for them to use the large muscles needed for crawling and pushing or pulling up.

Has you baby been examined by a physician recently? A simple neurological test will let you know whether or not there really is a problem. Your local clinic may also be able to suggest developmental toys which encourage and stimulate the skill to crawl.

In almost every case crawling will happen in its own good time.

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