Jerking Baby Movements

by Melissa
(Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)

I see this jerking baby movements my 7mth old baby boy started doing recently. It's almost like he gets a "chill" or has sucked on a sour lemon. I am concerned he may have something wrong with his nervous system or possibly develop into something very serious with his brain development. Should I be concerned or is it going to pass?

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Baby shivers
by: Anonymous

When our son was around 8 months he too had these baby shivers (almost daily or every few days). Usually it was when he was sitting in his high chair and/or tired. I was concerned not only because I am a new mom but also because I have Tourette's in my family. We did get the movements on film and showed our pediatrician. He told us we may monitor it and could get him assessed by a neurologist if we wanted, but he was not too concerned. We never had him tested any further and the twitches ended up just going away a few months later. Our son is now two and he rarely ever does it. Maybe it was fatigue or the sensation of pee-ing.

Jerking movements
by: Anonymous

My son had these jerking movements, usually when going or coming out of sleep. I had to be persistent to get him looked at. It turned out that it was infantile spasms which needed immediate treatment and he was put on steroids. If you are at all concerned, get these movements on film. This can be a rare infant form of epilepsy which needs treatment. But be aware, many doctors do not know enough about treatment for these jerking movements.

Baby jerks
by: Hajara

My 8 week baby jerks too. I started noticing it when he was about one week old. I took him to a doctor and some tests were done which indicated his calcium level was low. We then gave him a calcium supplement to take for ten days.

After the dosage, he took the test again and his calcium level was OK. Surprisingly, despite all the tests being normal my baby still jerked. His whole body jerked.

I went back to the doctor because I was really worried. The doctor assured me that it is normal and happens to babies. He prescribed a phenobarbitone syrup to be taken for 4 weeks. He is presently taking it and the jerking has really reduced.

Gets them too
by: Anonymous

My 9 mth old gets them too. He seems to do it mostly when he is trying new food. I told my husband that it is the testing new things shiver. We do not plan on taking him to the doctor.

Jerking Movements
by: Tanya

This is how I describe the jerking movements my baby boy does: It's the same "shiver" movement I make when I take a big teaspoon of disgusting cough syrup. I noticed him doing it from time to time, but didn't think much of it.

Then I noticed once that he did it while I was changing his diaper - right at the exact same moment he peed on me! I started to pay more attention and in my baby's case, it seems to be something he does on occasion right before he urinates.

I mentioned it to my husband who nonchalantly said "Oh yeah, that's a pee shiver." Apparently guys get that. I don't know if this is the same type of movement your baby does, but I'm not worried about it.

I've noticed him also do that the first time he tries some baby foods, like green beans, etc. Also with his liquid vitamins.

My Boy Also
by: Anonymous

I have a four month old that does the same thing. I caught him on camera doing this jerking movement. Then took him to the doctor. I thought my son was having seizures.

It was my doctor's opinion that it would pass with age, but if I wanted he would order tests such as a CAT scan. However, he did not recommend this at his age. What he did say that made me feel better was that if these were very mild seizures (which one can't really tell unless tests are done), that everyone has them sometime in there life. And unless they are of great duration (5 mins or more) that they are mostly harmless.

This made me feel considerably better. I hope it helps you and if you do find out anything else from your doctor please post it here. I am interested in knowing what other doctors have to say on this.

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