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I am concerned about my baby's language development. My baby started babbling at four months, then stopped. He is six months now and seems to have regressed. He no longer blows bubbles or makes and other noises other than mumbles. I'm concerned about his language development. Should I be and what can be done?

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Baby language regression can be normal...
by: Anonymous

... particularly when the baby is gaining or enhancing another skill.

For instance if your child is a real babbler and all of a sudden stops, is s/he moving more than normal? Trying to roll? Crawl? Clap hands? And so on.

I too was concerned at one point until I realised that my baby had stopped babbling and chatting as much as usual. But it started again just as much as before if not more so once he had mastered rolling over.

Then when he was starting to crawl, the language seemed to drop off again. Once he had the crawling action, it returned with abundance.

I asked my doctor about this and he said that many babies appear to regress when they are learning something new and not to worry about it. Unless you think it has gone on too long or the new skills are there a while and the babble hasn't returned, or if there is a regression in other areas as well.

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