Little development progress

by Deb

My granddaughter shows little development progress. She is seven months old and cannot roll over or sit up. Her pediatrician asked if she can transfer an object from one hand to another, which she cannot. He didn't seem too concerned. But we are. Should we be?

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Little development progress
by: Marci

My oldest child (my son)Jordan showed less development progress than I thought he should at around the same age. I kept asking the doctors if something was wrong with him and of course they said no... "Boys develop slower than girls" is all I kept hearing. My son is 20 yrs old now (so this was 20 yrs ago).

By the time he was about 18 months it really seemed to me that he was not developing enough. He was not walking yet, he would not potty train (which I am not sure if he should have at that age, but he did not end up without diapers until he was almost 3yrs old), he was not talking at all not even mama, daddy, baba... nothing! When eventually his teacher noticed it she started keeping notes for about 2 weeks. I then found a doctor that seemed like he cared and I took the notes to Jordan's first appointment.

My son was eventually diagnosed as speech and language impaired. By the time he was five they tested him an my son is severe learning disabled and had been that whole time. So much for "boys advancing slower than girls". With this background I am not implying that your child's issues are that severe, but it is worth making a fuss about until someone listens. I truly hope this helps you!

6 Months baby development

It is true that 6 months baby development typically includes babies that can roll over, but not all. One nephew of mine went straight from sitting upright to pulling himself to a standing position without ever being seen to roll from back to front.

They do all go through the various developmental milestones in the same order, but not necessarily at the same speed. This does not always relate to their eventual progress. As for transferring things from one hand to another most babies realize how to do this at between 7 to 9 months.

How about other milestones, is she smiling, babbling, tracking, reaching out for things? Sitting requires strong muscles as well as a sense of balance and these take time to develop. Sitting unsupported can in rare cases begin as early as 16 weeks, but in many cases a baby, especially a larger, heavier baby in my experience, may wait until they are about 8 months old. If baby is held on your lap does she push down with her feet? That is a good sign.

I suggest you get baby checked again in a month or so, and if you are still worried then ask for a second opinion. It is highly likely though that by then she will be rolling and passing.

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