Make those nights less nightmare-ish

by Madi

The best thing I ever did to get more sleep was to put my baby in bed with me. Some people don't recomend it but as long as you don't smoke and aren't a heavy sleeper (which I don't think a mum can be once she's had a baby; we seem to sleep with one eye open at the best of times) then it is fine. I put her to bed in her own bed, but when she wakes during the night she comes into bed with me and can feed while we both lay down and sleep. I find that this maximises my sleep and because she is laying down she falls back asleep well.

I also don't know if its an actual fact or not, but she seems to get a lot less wind when she is fed in this position, which again helps us to get a lot more sleep.

After feeding little bits, I can either put her back to sleep or more often than not she falls asleep, as do I. And it is then easy when she wakes again for another feed. I think that it also comforts her to have me near her, especially if she can hear my heartbeat.

This probably doesn't work for everyone as people do need their own space. But I think that this is good even if its only sometimes if you are having a particually bad night... or few nights.

I hope this helps you to get through them tough nights a little easier :)

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