Needs support to sit

by Sunita

My baby will soon be 9 months old and still needs support to sit. He has just started to put his hands on his left and right side to hold himself in the sitting position. I took advice from a doctor. He told me to have a scan for his cerebral part and to do some exercises with him. However, I do remember that he started holding his head a bit late. Does that mean there is late development? Please advise.

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Controlling his head
by: Anonymous

When you say your son was a little late in controlling his head please remember that the guidelines you see are only averages. However if your doctor has suggested a scan I should ask him why he suggests this. What would he expect to see? Can your baby roll over and will he push himself up if you lie him on his tummy?

Most babies, although not all, can sit unsupported by the end of their 8th month so your son is not far behind. Was he born early? If so that means his muscles will take just that little bit longer to be strong enough to support him, but he will get there. I wish you both well.

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