Newborn Bowel Movement Concern

by Kyle
(Virginia Beach, VA)

I have newborn bowel movement concern. My son has not have a bowel movement in over 36 hours but he pees almost every hour. Is this a real problem? He's 10 days old.

He hasn't had this problem before. In fact, he seemed to have bowel movement every time he got fed. He's fed with both breast milk and formula (to supplement the low supply).

This lack of bowel movement started when we changed his formula to soy based (thought this would helped with his gas). We changed his formula back to milk based (Advance Similac).

In the past 8 hours, he's been on breast milk exclusively (at the breasts and pumped milk). He's being fed every 1.5 to 2 hours and takes 1 to 2 ounces each time.

He seems to groan, grunt, and strain every now and then as if he's trying to "go". Is he constipating? Any help or suggestions?

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Dark Karo Syrup
by: Anonymous

My doctor suggested putting about a teaspoon of dark Karo syrup in my daughter's bottle to resolve any constipation. It works great and it's totally natural. I didn't like the thought of giving a small baby medication, even over the counter, so this was a great alternative. I still keep a bottle of it in my pantry just in case.

Bowel Movement Tips
by: Suma

I am no expert in this field, but here are a few practical bowel movement tips. With my 6 month old son I can say from experience that he too has happily been for two days without passing motions. I have read and been advised that it's alright as long as they are passing urine around 5-6times a day.

I have noticed that my son didn't pass motion for two days usually when fed on formula. But sometimes exclusive breast milk too has no effect.

He did pass gas and try hard to go many times in between though. I would make him lie on his back and press his knees back into his tummy gently, to help. This would let out all the gas and thankfully help him go quicker. Later, when he didn't enjoy lying down much, I used to help press his tummy by making him sit on my lap and pressing his thighs to his tummy. After a lot of 'uuugh aah', he used to pass motion sitting on my lap (keep pampers/cloth in place to avoid the mess).

I feel tummy time is another way to help ease his bowel movement.

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