Practical Newborn Baby Ideas for First-Time Parents

Newborn baby ideas

This list of newborn baby ideas were compiled with only one goal in mind: to make your life easier when that bundle comes home for the first time. These ideas come in no particular order. And the list is by no means comprehensive. But it's supposed to be a great start for a first-time parent.

Bad Habits. The best advice anyone can give you is do not set up bad habits. This can particularly apply to sleep patterns in a tiny baby. If you decide to use a dummy for instance, remove it before you put the baby down to sleep or he will associate sleep and the dummy - which means when he wakes later he will immediately look for the dummy, be unable to find it and yell. The other thing is to get rid of it after a few weeks - I can still remember seeing a local mom pleading with her five year old to give her the dummy before they set off to school.

Falling Asleep. Try not to let the baby fall sleep in your arms. I know they look sweet, but if you learn to recognise the signals of sleep readiness and put the baby straight in his cot you will save yourself hours later of having to rock a tiny child to sleep.

Don't Waste Money. Unless you have plenty of money to spare don't waste it on a basket or small crib. My daughter was tiny so we laid her sideways at first in her cot.

Using a Draw Sheet. Use a draw sheet under the baby's head, especially if you have a dribbler. This can be replaced more easily than having to change the whole bottom sheet.

Cotton. Use cotton rather than woollen blankets as tiny wisps of wool fibre can be inhaled.

Buying Clothes. Don't buy more than the minimum in first size clothes. You will be given lots. I was the first girl in my family for 21 years - my father stored all the spare first size clothes and doled them out to all my aunties for years to come as their babies arrived. I f people wan t to give you gifts of new clothing ask them to buy clothes that are suitable for an older baby - 3 months or 6 months. It is a long time until that first birthday.

Jacques the Peacock is one of the very best stimulation toys for newborn babies. For more about developmental toys for newborns, click here

Invest in Blackout Curtains. A blind helps, but lets in light around the edges. Using black out curtains means that your baby is more likely to sleep through the night and if you use them at nap time he will soon learn to associate darkness with sleep. Buy a spare piece of blackout material that you can take with you when you travel - I had a child who screamed every time we visited her grandparents. It was only later that I realised that the problem was a street light immediately outside.

About Formula. Don't be tempted to heap scoops of formula or add 'one for the pot'. The mixture is designed to be made up in a particular strength.

About Weaning. Don't wean your baby until you and he are ready. I t takes at least 5 months before he has enough co-ordination and a mature gut to really cope with solids. On the other hand if he reaches out every time you put anything edible on the table he is probably ready.
Do buy bottles and a sterilizer even if you intend to breast feed - that way you can express milk and someone else can feed the baby occasionally.

And here is a newborn baby idea I particularly like... it's really great development advice.

Talk to Your Baby, Sing and Dance with him. Enjoy this special time because soon you will have a sturdy toddler and a whole new lot of experiences together.

Stop Worrying and Ask for Advice. You don't have to necessarily take it. The need to ask is especially true if you suspect you have post -natal depression and need expert support.

Concluding Newborn Baby Ideas

Having the total responsibility for a new life can seem a daunting experience. In earlier generations parents would almost certainly been one of a larger family. They would have seen for themselves how a baby is cared for as they grew up. With smaller families it may even be that you have never held a baby until you held your own. But don't worry. The baby will let you know if you are doing something he doesn't like and all of them will make you smile as they charm their way into your lives.

Any Suggestions or Questions?

Do you have Do you have any more newborn baby ideas? Post them here. Come share your ideas and join the camaraderie of parents who have experienced similar wonderful baby things.

newborn baby ideas