The 6 Truths Newborn Baby Milestones Booklet

If you have NOT yet discovered "The 6 Truths" newborn baby milestones booklet, here's what it contains:

  • 7 Quick and easy ways to measure your baby's progress (Hint: Most parents are totally unaware of 4 of them.)

  • One of the easiest ways to understand and use baby milestones to measure your baby's development.

  • 4 Proven guidelines how to use baby milestones to give your child the biggest advantage possible. (Even if you do nothing else but still decide to follow these guidelines, it could easily be the very best decision you make this year.)

  • 2 Easy things every baby must do for best development… this will also help you understand and correct one thing most parents regularly overlook.

  • Discover an easy-to-use technique to tell if you should really be concerned when your baby progresses slowly.

  • How to avoid the single biggest mistake when stimulating and encouraging your child's development.

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