A Newborn Checklist For Making First Time Parent Life Easier

Why would any parent want a newborn checklist? Or even be looking for newborn baby quotes?

Well, in short...

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We all like to learn from others' wisdom. Reading and studying quotes is just one of the ways we use to see the funny side of things and learn from experience, while checklists...

  • They are the shortcut to getting things done easily. You don't have to think. Just logically follow every step in the list

  • You're less likely to forget something. How often have you wasted time re-doing something you forgot?

  • You're almost certain to succeed... less chances of making mistakes, and...

  • You can often tap into the experience of others, thus giving you a shortcut... and saving you time

  • Of course there are many things you may need and the checklist I give here is only one such list. I have captured many other checklist resources in The Baby Resource Bible... which is free and can be downloaded here.

    When your new baby arrives at home, things will be hectic and exciting! It is one roller-coaster ride after the other. Most often, you'll have feelings of anxiety, panic, uncertainty and above all... confusion.

    This is pretty normal. And you don't want to make unnecessary mistakes. On the contrary, you'd rather have the shortcuts right away. Right?

    That's exactly why this newborn checklist was put together. Obviously such a list can never be complete.

    But as with everything in life, 80% of your success comes from only 20% of the tasks you do right. I'm sure this list contains more than enough information to give you such a head start - maybe even for the first 6 to 7 months.

    Here is a sample newborn checklist...

    exclusively designed and written to help assist you in managing your baby without any headaches or hassles:

    Directly after birth

    • Blanket Baby Wrap

    • Newborn cloth diapers and diaper sets

    • Baby Wipes and extra wash cloth

    • Diaper pails

    • Anti Burp Diaper

    • Newborn Sleepers

    • Kimonos or gowns for you

    • Crib blankets

    • Quilts

    • Socks for baby

    • Tiny Boots (cloth)

    • Wash cloth and bath towels

    • Sweaters

    • Warm shirts

    Baby Gear

    • Warm shirts

    • Baby carrier

    • Infant seat

    • Stroller or carriage

    • Bouncer seat or swing

    • Diaper bag

    Baby Care

    • Herbal baby shampoo/body wash

    • Diaper cream

    • Baby nail clippers

    • Safety scissors

    • Natural baby oil or lotion

    • Baby brush and comb

    • Bath Tub

    • Anti-Colic Preparation

    • Saline drops to clear stuffy

    Baby Nursing Tools

    • Nursing pillow

    • Disposable nursing pads

    • Electric or manual breast pump and storage bottles or bags if you plan to pump milk

    • Feeding bottles, nipples, and bottle brush

    Mother Care

    • Sanitary Pads

    • Nursing Gowns

    • Cotton Pajamas

    • Nursing Bras

    Health and Safety

    • Digital thermometer

    • Nasal aspirator

    • Acetaminophen or Cold drops

    • Baby monitor Kit

    • Night light

    • Anti-insect Repellant

    • Anti-asthmatic Spray

    • Medicine Droppers

    • Crib Guards

    Baby Utilities

    • Mattresses and pads

    • Sheets and blankets

    • Changing table

    • Feeding table an chair

    Other things you may need for your newborn checklist

    • Baby Growth Chart

    • Doctor’s Appointment Calendar

    • Immunization Schedule

    • Baby Album

    • A Digital Camera

    Discuss this list with your spouse so that he can arrange for these things in consultation with your doctor.

    There are obviously a few other things you may want - many of them personal preferences. Keep adding to this newborn checklist as your experience grows. It's just so much easier to make day-to-day tasks faster and let them run smoother.

    One of the mistakes I've made is not having a checklist when my first child was born. This list would have helped tremendously.

    2 Final Newborn Checklist Things You Need

    Your almost have everything you need to get you going. But I still believe there are 2 more things that will help enormously. These are:

    1. A development chart. You won't need this item right away, but I strongly suggest you take the time to download this development chart

    2. A copy of our free milestones booklet, to put your baby on the right track... right away!

    Get more useful tips and shortcuts than given in this Newborn Checklist  

    Have Suggestions for Things To Add to Our Newborn Checklist?

    Do you have a idea or tips for something we need to include in our newborn checklist? Share what worked for you!

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