Newborn Rash - Facts & Treating Tips

Newborn rash

A newborn rash does occur, despite your baby being the most beautiful and perfect creature in the world.

7 Common Causes of Rashes

  • Many babies have a slight pink rash which is entirely harmless. Sometimes called infant acne, it is said to be caused by exposure to the mother's hormones in the womb and will disappear after a few weeks. Baby acne is explained in more detail in this report. Unlike the later variety it will cause no scars and is soon over. And at least your baby will be unaware of it and won't spend ages staring in mirrors or wondering what people think.

  • A slightly more obvious newborn rash is Erythema Toxicum. No one knows the cause, but though it looks like mosquito bites. This too is harmless and will also fade away.

  • If your baby arrives rather late, his skin may look like faded sunburn with white peeling patches - again these will disappear and reveal bonny, healthy skin.

  • Milia is a common condition, especially on the face. It consists of lots of tiny, tiny bumps, white in color. These are oil glands in the skin. As the baby is so tiny they are too small to release the oil (sebum) and are blocked. As baby grows the glands grow too and the problem disappears.

  • Stork bites are reddish patches, sometimes called angel kisses. They are most often found on the back of the neck or where the eye brows meet. Again the cause seems to be exposure to the mother's hormones in the womb. In almost all cases they fade quickly, and it makes no difference how much you worry about them... the process will take as long as it takes and no less

  • Jaundicebabies who are premature, presumably because their livers are also immature. This is a condition that in most cases will correct itself naturally. But at the same time it needs to be monitored and perhaps treated. If the levels of bilirubin rise too high, there can be nerve damage. Fortunately it is very easy to check. Your midwife or doctor will have a color chart which measures fairly accurately the amount of discoloration and they will be able to tell if blood tests are required. It is often treated by exposure to special lights similar to a sun bed.

  • In darker skinned babies, Mongolian spots or patches may be seen. These are flat and greyish-blue in color, a bit like a faded bruise. They can occur anywhere on the body and are often seen on the abdomen, back or buttocks. The cause is pigment that gets trapped in a lower layer than it should when the skin was being formed. They will fade over the years of infancy and toddlerhood.

Practical Newborn Rash Tips

If your baby has a rash you naturally worry, but in almost every case it is harmless. And just look around next time you go to baby clinic... you will find that lots of other babies have them too. But just like yours, these are perfectly normal healthy babies.

Nappy rash or diaper rash is of course defined by where it occurs. It is caused by exposure to acid urine or stools for too long. The treatment is changing the baby more often.

My eldest son was born with exceptionally thin skin and so nappy rash meant problems for us however often I changed him. The best treatment I found was to lie him exposed as much as possible, on top of a nappy rather than in it, so that the skin was never soaked.

I used cotton diapers/nappies rather than disposable ones as the disposable ones made the matter worse. Gradually his skin developed normally and after a few weeks I could dress him normally.

If you have similar newborn rash problems, here is an option...

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