No head control

by Anonymous

My concern is regarding my grandson who has no head control at 6 months. He was 8 weeks premature, weighed about 4 lbs and is now 6 months old. My daughter suffers from depression and took Paxil during the pregnancy, of which we tried to tell her that she should not. But she insists it's ok.

My question is that my daughter took Paxil throughout her pregnancy. I am worried that the baby has developmental problems. My husband and I think he is unable to hold his head up at 6 months and not focusing on people around him. We wonder if the continual use of Paxil and breast feeding is building up in his system which makes him cry all the time, keeps him awake and makes him not communicate with his surroundings like other 6 month olds.

The baby is also not rolling over or sitting up yet. What do you think?

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No head control
by: tina

My daughter is 9 months old and has no head control yet. She was born normal in full term nine months. Kindly suggest what I should do.

*** Comment by Dalene ***
Tina, pretty much the same applies in your case as the suggestions I've given below.

Have a look at the indicated baby development timelines relating to gaining head control to get a 'feel' for the situation. I definitely believe your child will gain most from a multi-disciplinary examination as soon as possible.

Professional assistance
by: Dalene

I cannot give any opinion about the use and effect of the medicine on your grandson. However, at around 6 months you would expect the baby to have head control and look around.

Since you also mention that he was born prematurely, I think he would benefit from a multi-disciplinary approach starting with a thorough examination by a pediatrician or neurologist. Do not delay further action as early intervention would most benefit your grandson.

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