No interest in crawling

by Chelsea
(Denver, Co)

My 2nd daughter Alyssa is 11 months and shows no interest in crawling. She hates being put on her tummy and when she is, she often pushes herself to a sitting upright position. To get something she wants she reaches her arms out just enough so that she doesn't have to go onto her tummy. She also won't put pressure on her legs which worries me since she should be walking soon. What can I do to help her and should I be concerned?

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No interest in crawling
by: blessed mommy

My son showed no interest in crawling. He did not crawl until after he started walking. He never tried because someone would always pick him up. He crawled probably at about 16 months of age and started walking days before his first birthday. So, as long as you can apply pressure or your baby can stand while supported then I would not worry!

Roll over

As your daughter can obviously roll over and sit unsupported she is doing well. When you say that Alyssa will not put pressure on her legs, what happens if you support her in a standing position on your lap? Does she push down then? If so, there really is nothing to worry about. If not, I suggest a visit to a pediatrician who can check out your daughter's reflexes.

Is the muscle tone in her legs normal or a little flaccid? If the latter she is going to need some extra encouragement. Try placing her on her tummy and putting as line of sultanas or something similar leading away from her. You could also try sitting on the floor yourself, lying her over your knee and alternately lifting and lowering your leg. The doctor should be able to put your mind at rest, and explain what is going on.

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