Not Answering Questions

by Jayakumar

My son is completing 3 years, he is not answering questions... if we ask his name he does not care at all. Strangely enough, he is very much interested in listening to music, rhymes and even stories. He is able to tell us the stories and sings the song he heard.

We tried to bring his attention to some pictures (animals, vegetable etc.) but he is not ready to listen to our questions. He only speaks about rhymes, or TV advertisement etc.

Could you reply?

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Specific interests
by: Anonymous

Seems to me that your three year old has specific interests; as to the rest, they can wait. I think at three a child is old enough to understand if you speak in simple terms the importance of responding when one is spoken to. Perhaps you can demonstrate that if you ignore him, he may not like it at all, to get the message across.

If he is only interested in TV adverts and so on, you may want to consider it he is watching too much TV. And you may want to pick a commercial free TV channel that has developmental or educational programming for young children.

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