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My baby will be 10 months old in two weeks, but she is not crawling yet. She rarely attempts to do so and can only crawl backwards about 3 movements and then gives up. She can't pull herself up either. I'm really worried. Should I be? Why isn't she crawling yet? Any suggestions?

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Did not crawl until 13 months
by: Susan

My little girl did not crawl until 13 months (to the day)! She has always been very very good at language though, so that's what she concentrated on. She hated tummy time with a passion, but loved to sit. The way we finally got her moving was by putting sultanas on the floor just out of her reach. She is now 3 and runs around with the best of 'em (while singing the alphabet).

My little boy is now 10 months and no sign of crawling yet either. The difference is I am a lot less stressed about it this time around, and as he reaches all over the place and is very alert and responsive, I am confident he'll get moving one day soon.....

Didn't crawl until 11 months
by: Beck

My eldest didn't crawl until 11 months (my friends' kids all crawled at 6 months so I was really worried). He's now 2 1/2 and by 20 months he could 'read' all alphabet letters and count to 10. He's 2 1/2 now and his nursery thinks he's great cause he can count up to 20 and arrange things into numerical order. He's a lateral thinker and really good at talking. Do I guess he's maybe more intellectual that physical!

My baby is now nearly 10 months and looking near crawling... but I'm not too concerned this time.

Take it easy.

*** Comment by Dalene ***
Thanks for this contribution Beck. You make a few interesting comments. When referring to the Baby Development Chart you will see that comparing your child's development to your friends' babies created unnecessary stress, especially since they were crawling by about 6 months. The development chart tells us that not even 50% of all babies can crawl at 6 months. You were unknowingly measuring against an 'unrealistic' and an extremely optimistic goal.

Even when your baby crawled at 11 months, that was still not a real problem. Yes, it is a bit slower than many other kids, but it's not a crisis.

9 Months still no crawling
by: Anonymous

My daughter is going to be 9 months in a few weeks and I have been stressed about crawling. She hates tummy time and since she hates that, I don't like putting her on it. I will nevertheless try to make her like it. Thanks to all of your comments. I hope I will be on the right track.

No interest in crawling
by: Anonymous

My son is 10 months old and has no interest in crawling. His doctor has no worries and he has had plenty of tummy time. Don't worry. I have found that it is easier to not discuss his lack of crawling with other moms as some of their opinions and advice can be insulting. Don't compare. Don't worry. He's not yet late.

Learning To Crawl
by: SA

My baby is going to be 8 months soon and he is just learning to crawl. Sometimes he just turns himself and starts to grab things which are far away from him. Sometimes I feel very worried that he doesn't do it for a longer time but then I comfort myself as he is my first baby.

My suggestion is not to worry too much. Most babies typically crawl around 7 months. So, just make him/her sit then s/he will turn to the toys around. It?s a great technique for learning to crawl.

10 Months And Not Crawling
by: ARoss

My son is 10 months and not crawling yet.

When we went to the doctor last month my doctor said not to worry. She said that it wasn't anything we were doing wrong, that all babies are different. So just because your friend's baby is crawling at 5 months or whatever your baby will go when he or she is ready. We have done lots of tummy time.

I am going to try some of the tips they have given on the website with using the roller and laying the baby across your legs to build up strength. We will see how that goes. But for the most part I am trying to remain stress free and let him go at his own pace with some help from me of course.

Started Crawling
by: Don't be too tough

My baby is 11 months and JUST now started crawling (a few scoots at at time). And I have spent every waking moment with him on the floor since he could sit up at 6 months, trying to get him to crawl.

It wasn't until his Dr told me to stop worrying and let him develop on his own schedule that I finally stopped trying to "coach" him.

You need to stimulate your baby, but let play time be play time... not physical therapy. :o)

It will all happen in good time. As well, many babies that are late crawlers, quickly start walking afterwards.

Average Baby Crawls
by: Aida

Fact is, it depends on the infant. The average baby crawls between 8 and 12 months. Some take longer. Some kids start earlier. Some don't crawl till after they walk. And they all develop according to their personalities and interests.

Some kids are to busy exploring other things around them. Some kids don't find the need if there is a baby walker in place.

Try a worm, one of those cloth worms to crawl through. You can place the favorite toy on the other side. Or make a trail of cherrios or crackers for the little one to reach out for. Don't hesitate to get on all fours and spend time with your baby at his or her level. Sometimes watching the way it's done helps them get the hang of it.

Be patient and don't take it too hard if the little one is taking his or her own good time.
Babies develop skills differently, some more quickly than others. The important thing is to cheer on, and be alert.

If however your child has not shown any interest in getting mobile whether it be scooting, creeping, crawling, or rolling by the time he is a year old, bring it up with your doctor.

Keep in mind that premature babies may reach this and other milestones later than their peers.

No Worry
by: courtney

Babies start doing different things at different ages. There is nothing wrong with them, but they do not all learn at the same rate.

If you are still concerned, ask your doctor for more advice. I know someone whose baby never crawled. They started walking before they crawled.

Maybe a question or two:

Have you been laying your baby on the floor a lot? The doctor told me they need as much "tummy time" as possible. If you haven't been doing that, try putting your baby on her tummy more often and go from there!

Baby Not Crawling
by: Jackie W

I think the baby is not crawling because she might not have been stimulated enough. Have plenty of floor time and encourage her to play on her tummy... that way she will develop her neck muscles and in no time she will be crawling.

You can do this by putting her on a colorful mat with lots of toys around. I did that for my daughter Gabriella and at 5 months she was crawling. She is not 10 months and she has started standing on her own.

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