Not imitating

by Pavithra raghava

My baby boy will be 10 months old soon, but is not imitating us. He is fine with all other milestones of development for his age. However, he shows no interest in imitating us. He is not interested in games such as pat-a-cake though I know very well that he can clap. Is this normal or should i be worried? Any suggestions?

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Learn by imitation
by: Anonymous

While it is true that babies learn by imitation, it is not necessary that that process has to be obvious to the observer. Your son may not be interested in one or other game, he may well display an interest in something else or less traditional.

Give him two pots to clang together. He may enjoy the noise that that produces, more than pat-a-cake. As long as he is gaining well and his milestones are as per schedule you do not really have to bother how it is that he is picking up the various skills he is learning.

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