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Own Pace, However...
by: Courtney K

I always heard that each baby learns at their own pace. However, I believe your little one should be able to support herself at that age. Depending on the complications during pregnancy, I would consult a pediatrician and make sure everything is OK.

Tummy Time Strengthens Baby Muscles
by: Anonymous

I read somewhere that tummy time strengthens baby muscles that are needed for crawling. With my grand-daughter, when she was young, we would sit her up, hold hands with her between our legs on the floor and rock back and forth singing row, row, row, your boat to strengthen the back muscles. She absolutely loved it and eventually pulled up to a standing position for a reward of lots of hugs and kisses. This helped her back muscles so that she could learn to sit up alone.

We also would prop her up with pillows sometimes. Obviously, your granddaughter needs some exercises to strengthen her muscles so that she can learn to sit up and roll over and crawl and walk. My suggestion is to start there.

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