Not standing up

I have a 14 months old daughter who started crawling just after her first birthday. Now she is 14 months old and still not standing up on her own or even when your holding her to stand up. She can only kneel on the floor to get something on the furniture. How is her walking progressing? Anything I can do to help her develop this skill?

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Delayed milestones
by: Anonymous

Your daughter seems to have some delayed milestones here. Now this may be no reason for any concern at all. Some babies just take their own sweet time. However it could be due to some problem so this is not something that you should ignore. Speak to a doctor and have him check her. Also give her plenty of opportunities to crawl around and pull herself up to stand if she wants ? this will strengthen her muscles and help her make more progress. Also give her plenty of encouragement, but do not pressure her.

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