Physical development

by Blanca Arauz
(Chesapeake VA 23320)

I am really concerned about my baby’s physical development. He is 4 months and 12 days, but he won't roll over. Everybody tells me that by now he should be doing so. He is almost 20 pounds. Is this something I should be concerned about? Or is it still too soon for him to roll over. Anything I could do to help?

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About rolling over
by: Anonymous

I would not worry too much about rolling over. My baby rolled from tummy to back when he was three months. Then he took a long "break" from it and did not roll over at all for a few months.

All of a sudden he was rolling over again. From back to tummy took even longer. Personally, I always had the feeling that he could, but just did not see the point. Maybe you feel the same.

He hated lying on his belly... so why would he go through the trouble of rolling on to it? He loves watching little clips on YouTube though. One day he was lying on his back on our bed with his head so that he could see the computer if he looked to the side and just like that he rolled over on his tummy to be able to see better. After that he just keeps doing it. So don't worry about it. It will come when you least expect it.

Baby rolling over
by: Anonymous

My little girl only started rolling over at about 8 months - she could sit before she could roll over. I wouldn't stress to much about it if I were you.

Rollling Over
by: Anonymous

My baby 'got it' at 6 months. Now he rolls over all the time. So, don't stress!

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