Physically Developmentally Delayed

My son is physically developmentally delayed. He has Infantile Spasum Disease. He gets physical, occupational and developmental therapy Mon-Fri 2wice a week.

His therapist is trying to teach him to sit on his own, but it’s not really working. But I must admit that since he has started the therapy sessions he has made some good progress. He doesn’t have full control over his head, but he definitely has more than at birth.

Is there anything that I can do to help him learn how to sit up and to start scooting?

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Slower Physical Developers
by: Margaret Watson

Children with infantile spasm syndrome are often slower physical developers. All babies, whatever their condition, develop at their own rate and cannot achieve milestones until their nerves and muscles are adequately developed. It would be interesting to know how old your child is.

I suggest you talk the matter over with your pediatrician and therapist. But you could also try to stimulate your child, perhaps propping him up and placing things where he can touch or grab them.

Do ask questions, even if you have to write them down before a consultation. This is a rare condition. Can your hospital or clinic put you in touch with other parents of such children? Realizing that others understand what your concerns are can be a great support.

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