Plays Peek-a-Boo

by Proud Grandma
( Ca)

My grand daughter is now 5 1/2 months old, sits up by herself, plays peek-a-boo and takes her hands and rolls them when singing patty cake.

Is this the age they normaly start doing these things? What else should she typically be doing right now?

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A Few New Ideas
by: Aida

Sounds like your grandchild is doing fantastic. Check out the link that reads "The First Year", on the menu to the left of this sight. You'll find month by month information on baby's development.

If you are wondering about new ideas to try with her the following suggestions might be useful.

- Using metal mixing bowls or pots, empty plastic containers, and a few round and big ladels or wodden spoons, set the baby on a mat and play music with this rustic drum set.

- Acquire a big melon size soft ball to introduce soccer, also to roll back and foward while sitting face to face.

- Put many different toys and materials(safe for baby) in a medium size plastic tub (roughly the baby's size) for the baby to play and discover while emptying it.

- Sit baby in a bath tub full of jello for baby to feel and grasp and enjoy (don't forget the diapers).

- Acquire finger puppets to give her brief shows.

- Don't underestimate the power of rolling, hugging and laughing together in bed for a few minutes.

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