Preemie Baby

by Ramona
(Durban, South Africa)

My preemie baby was born at 27 weeks, weighing 680grams (1.5 lb). She is a perfectly happy baby with no complication and is now 10months old. The problem is she is not yet crawling or sitting on her own. This concerns me. Any advice how I should tackle this situation?

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Preemie baby development
by: Anonymous

I think it is important to keep watch over these preemie baby development things. You have to consider what your child's adjusted age is. And go by that age. My son was born at 28 weeks and he was already doing in home therapy for things like sitting and speech by that age. Preemies are so much more likely to have developmental delays and learning problems that I would go with your feelings. If it does not feel right then question it. The internet is a wonderful resource as well. You can google just about anything now a days. Do not be afraid to question your doctors. The more help your child gets the easier it will be for them to overcome any potential difficulties.

by: Anonymous

My preemie was 1lb 3 oz (about 540 g!) and is now 10 months old. He does not sit or crawl either, but his doctor assures me that it is normal... and to keep working with him.

I also worry, but they say it is OK and that he will eventually do it.

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