Premature Baby's Weight

by Sally
(Cairo, Egypt)

My premature baby's weight is a concern for me. He was 1.8kg (almost 4lb) at birth. Now he is 10months and 10kg (22lb). Is this reasonably normal?

He actually looks small compared to other babies his age. Is there anything I should do to get him to eat more to make him bigger?

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Preemie's Weight
by: ramona

My preemie's weight at birth was 680 grams. She is now 11 months and only weigh around 8 kg. The doctors have assured me that she is fine and that I must not compare her to other babies. When I take her out people ask me if she is 5 months. I only laugh. So don't stress. As long as your baby is eating well, and your doctors says her development is fine, don't stress,

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