Premature twins

I have premature twins of 9 months. They were born prematurely on 7 months of pregnancy. Their birth weights were 1600g and 1900g respectively. And their weights have now increased to 7.4kg and 7.3kg. They had some respiratory problems at the time of birth and spent 4 days in ICU ventilator care.

My problem is that even after 9 months they don't attempt to crawl as many babies do at the age of 7 months. They are active and respond to people, sound, attempt to catch toys, laugh at family, etc. They eat well and utilize breast milk as well. Still they are unable to stand or even crawl on their knees.

How is the development of my premature twins really doing? Would you say they have any developmental problems? What can I do at this stage to help?

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Development of premature twins
by: Dalene

When you look at the development of premature twins, the most important thing is to use corrected age... which you are already doing by looking at development at their corrected age of 7 month.

Incidentally, over the last 4 years or so, I've seen quite a number of premature twins with the same development problems. And although I'm by no means an expert, here are my views:

- Comparing their crawling development on the development chart - using the corrected age - you will notice that their development is still pretty much in line with what's expected. So, I would not have expected their progress to be much different that what you're stating.

- You do not mention whether they are already sitting properly. Can both of them sit independently and unaided? They should be doing that by now. If so, their progress with this milestone also appears to be OK. If they're not sitting independently they need a bit of specific stimulation and encouragement to do so. Try a few of the suggestions to encourage sitting on this site.

- One of the best things you can do right now is to encourage as much floor exercise time as possible. This gives them much needed time to develop coordination and physical strength... both of these are needed before they'll crawl.

Do these things and carefully track their further development against the development chart. From what you're saying, the rest of their development seems to be fine.

In my opinion the most important things right now are: to measure progress, encourage their development and take action rather too soon than too late should it be needed.

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