Right Age For Crawling, Walking and Potty Training

by Kaye

My step-daughter is getting pressure about her 6 month old baby's development abilities. The dispute is about the right age for crawling, sitting and potty training.

Her mother-in-law is constantly telling her that at 6 months her baby should now be trying to crawl -- since 5-1/2 months he is already sitting up by himself. She also says that both of her kids were walking at 9 months. And they were also potty-trained by 1 year old. Obviously this makes my step-daughter feel resentful.

My question is: What are the right age ranges for babies to start
1) crawling
2) walking
3) being potty trained

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Never crawled
by: Annie

Do not worry about your daughter. According to my parents, I never crawled. My brother started crawling at 4 months and did not learn to walk until he was 16 months old (my parents wondered if he had polio or something, but he was just a late walker). On the other hand I never once crawled. I was just sitting up one day, and all of a sudden when I was 8 months old I stood up and walked with more grace than most adults. (My parents always joke I was mapping out the best way to do it, and I am such a perfectionist I refused to try walking until I was positive I could do it perfectly!). Your daughter is the same way. But heads up probably means she will be a rigid perfectionist when she grows up!

Right age for crawling
by: Anonymous

I think every baby is different. My own daughter crawled at 6 months, walked at 9 months and is now in the process of being potty trained at almost 19 months (going OK so far). However, my niece is 9 months and she hasn't crawled yet or pulled herself to stand. She is quite happy to sit there and watch everything going on, while my daughter has always been raring to go. So I think the age for mastering crawling and walking depends a lot on the temperament of the child!

Does it really matter?
by: Anonymous

Having read almost all the comments on here, I could sense a little competition. Obviously knowing the guidelines on how a baby develops is great for peace of mind. Maybe it will be good to see a doctor if you feel your child isn't going in the direction of all the other babies.

I think fundamentally it is important to be at ease with your new baby. Every child is different. And just because he/she may do something at 6/7 months doesn't mean that that child is smarter or more advanced. Children, from my experience need trust and understanding. As a mother you will know when your child is ready. Just look out for the little signs, they are all there.

Being a mother of three, two boys and a girl, they are all very different and all developed at different times. I have a little boy who is 7 and a half months, he can sit up, run around the room in his walker, but cannot not crawl yet. I am not worried in the slightest that he isn't crawling yet, I know he is very healthy, extremely happy and is perfect at his routine (unlike his big sister was at his age).

For me the importance of being a parent is to guide them, not to push too hard, to try and understand them and to trust them. It has worked so far for me. Oh, and another thing, never mind those pushy mums whose kids were all reading the dictionary by the time they were 6 months. You will have plenty of time to laugh at them when they are screaming and shouting in the playground to push their child to win a race:-)

Cruising but not crawling
by: Anonymous

I'm looking for some advice. My daughter is almost 7 months old and has been cruising for about a month. She wants to be on her feet all day and is fully mobile as long as we are holding onto her hands. She's even able to chase after the dog or a ball. But she doesn't know how to crawl and has no interest in it. She can sit extremely well (she was able to sit unsupported at 4.5 months) and is able to lean down to get objects out of reach but instead of going into a crawl, she tries to stand up, or reaches for my hands to pull herself up and get to the object by walking. Should I let her skip the crawling stage altogether or should I enforce tummy time in hopes of her learning?

Baby Development Averages And Percentages
by: Anonymous

Baby development averages and percentages are so wide for all three; crawling, walking, potty training. Whenever baby and you are ready, things just happen.

My little boy is 5months 3weeks and has been crawling (up on hands and knees) for just on a month. He was pulling himself around on his belly since 3 months. I have had older/'experienced' moms tell me how bad I am teaching him. BUT I didn't teach anything.

I'm a stay at home mom that just had him on the floor most of the day. I would play with him for an hour in the mornings but nothing more set than that.

It seems like some babies don't crawl until they walk, like one of my older sisters. According to my mom she just got up and did it at 9months but never crawled, just rolled over and sat herself up. My sisters and I were all walking within a week of our first birthday.

I know parents with 3 1/2 year old twins that haven't started the potty training. Their kids are just fine and healthy. I, myself was potty trained before 12months with no encouragement from my parents. Mom has always believed having two older sisters (24 months older and 40 months older) going through the training just rubbed off on me too.

The Normal Right Age For Crawling Is A Very Wide Range
by: Anonymous

The considered normal right age for crawling is a very wide range. Crawling can occur as early as 6 months or as late as 10-11 months of age. The same holds true with walking.

I have heard of babies walking as early 7 months, which is definitely NOT THE NORM!

Some children do not start walking until 18 months of age. And this too is considered within the normal range.

Potty training is typically not recommended before 18 months of age because a child is not physiologically ready.

Girls tend to be trained earlier (approximately 2 years of age). I remember reading that nearly 100% of children are trained by the age of 4.

Just think of it this way...

Every child eventually walks and is potty trained. Ten years from now it will not matter if your child walked at 9 months versus 18 months and the same holds true with potty training.

Earlier Is Not Always Better!
by: Anonymous

I have done a fair bit of reading and research as a mother of two. Crawling I believe is one of those important milestones that needs to be reached. But determining the right age is not overly important.

My son was late to crawl. Even though he had lots of tummy time, and loved being on his tummy. At 9 months he was dragging himself on his belly but by 10 months he still could not get on his hands and knees.

We saw a paediatric physiotherapist to ensure there was no physical problem. She showed me a couple of positions to put him which would encourage him to crawl. By 11 months he was crawling and he walked at thirteen months. I have read in more than one source that it is not how early a child walks that determines his inteligence but rather how much he learns before he walks.

Potty training these days is very different to potty training 25+ years ago. Lifestyles are different, many working mothers, we have demanding social lives... super absorbent nappies, pull ups... etc.

I believe the mother can assess if the child is physically and emotionally ready and do small things to get them ready, like have them sit on a potty for fun when mom and dad go to the toilet. I had read a few books before I started and was preparing myself for the worst.

I started toilet training my son the day after his 2nd birthday and after 7 accidents by the end of the day he was asking to go potty and has done so since. He is now 2 and 5 months. By 2 and 2 months he had no night time nappy. He was ready and he did it.

I really believe that when toilet training, no nappies/diapers should be used at all through the day. The child gets confused if you go to the shop and put on a nappy just in case he has an accident. Cold turkey just like old times works best :-)

My mother in law also would tell me that her son was toilet trained day and night by eighteen months... I'm not sure how an 18 month old would take himself to the toilet.

It comes back to getting the facts before merely deciding on the exact right age for crawling, walking or potty training.

It's Like Spice
by: Aida

First of all... poor girl! It's not enough pressure to be a new mom?

Some babies require lots of encouragement. Most babies begin the attempt to crawl at around 6 months, but don't really do it until they are 7 months. All they need is belly time to play with mom or dad. A little at a time to make it enjoyable usually works well.

A trail of cherios that leads to mom does the trick, too.

Walking....that's different for every child. I walked at 7 months. My nieces a bit before they were one.

The important thing is to crawl first. It allows kids to develop fine motor skills, better perception of objects, and strenghtens their back and arms.

Potty training starts with mom paying attention closely to baby bathroom routines at around 7 months when they are well into solids. Then just learn their expressions and take them to the potty... Some babies can be potty trained by a year old. Some much later.

Best to you both

This May Get You Into Trouble
by: Dalene

This is a classical evergreen question and a typical everyday situation.

Somehow stating the right age for baby crawling or any of the other development milestones is bound to get you into trouble. You can be sure that someone will disagree.

Let us start by looking at the facts.

For crawling about 50% of babies have mastered it at around 7 months, 70% at around 10 months and 90% at approximately 11 months. Now, when I talk about crawling I mean moving forward on the floor by either bum shuffling, bear walking or hands-and-knees crawling.

When we talk about walking I mean walking well on his own. About 50% of babies master this skill at 12 months, 70% at 13 months and 90% at around 14 months.

Do not be put off by wild remarks.

Keep in mind that some kids develop faster in certain areas and then slower in other areas. Try to determine the facts first.

I have literally seen twins where one of them is agile and can jump and walk around. The other twin is totally the opposite. She was far less agile, but perceptually much more advanced.

The skill is rather to know when to get serious about stimulating and encouraging development.

My rule of thumb is to start encouraging at the 50% mark, get serious about stimulation at roughly the 70% mark and get very serious at approximately the 90% mark. This often includes getting a professional opinion.

Finding the right age for potty training is a bit more difficult.

Boys tend to take a bit longer than girls. Some kids are ready as early as 18 months, while others can easily take up to 3 years or longer.

I suggest that when you talk about the right age for being potty trained, make sure what exactly people mean by this.

Statistically if you let your 12 month old baby sit on a potty for an hour or two, something is bound to happen in the potty. But that does NOT mean he is potty trained!

I would like to hear the opinions of a few other moms here. It will be interesting to also hear their views on this.

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