Roll Onto His Stomach

by Greg

My Baby is past three months now and has learned how to roll onto his stomach. Whenever I put him to bed in his crib on his back he will roll onto his stomach. I am worried of suffocation. What is the best to do now? Any suggestions?

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Stop Baby Rolling Over
by: kylie

Greg, it is so understandable that you would be worried about suffocation, especially when they don't seem to be able to roll back if they need too.

Are you still swaddling your baby in bed? This may stop baby rolling over:

You could try rolling baby blankets and 'barricading' them around baby... lower than the arms so baby doesn't land face first in them.

This was effective for my baby for a while, (of course the Maternal Child Health Nurse would have had a fit if she knew this)!

The other thing that was put to me when my baby started doing this was that if baby can roll over, then aby is able to lift their head and move their head to the side, so there is not much you can really do about it. You probably read that and it brings little comfort or solace... it didnt to me either, but their must be some truth to it, as numerous people told me similar things.

Personally i used to check my baby a lot, (probably too much), while he was doing this. In fact I still do and he can roll back. I think its just one of the worries we have as parents.

Rolling Over
by: Anonymous

I too was worried when my son started rolling over after I would put him on his back to sleep. I talked to my pediatrician about it and did some other research and all told me it is fine.

Now that he can roll over on his own the risk of SIDS and suffocation is less likely because he can move. They also told me there really isn't anything you can do to prevent them from rolling and to just let them do it.

I always lay him back first and let him roll on his own to get comfortable. He likes to scoot his way up to the corner, that freaked me out for the first two weeks.

I still check on him quite a bit but I am more at ease about it now.

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