Rolling Over and Crawl

by Skye
(Queensland, Australia)

How do I get my little girl of almost 8 months to roll over and crawl? She still can't roll from either side. I encourage her every day but still no improvement. Her development like holding toys and lifting toys in her mouth and all that is good. She was doing all that at 2months. She can sit up on her own. But she also does not crawl yet. Should I be worried?

By the way, her head control is really good. She was holding her head up since 1 month and she never had a wobbly head! At this stage it looks as if she can do everything she is meant to be doing apart from rolling over and crawl... Any suggestions please?

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How to encourage rolling
by: Sharon

I had the same issue with my little girl and was referred to an occupational therapist. She showed me exercises to strengthen my baby's core and how to encourage rolling. Within a couple of weeks she began to roll all by herself.

The main exercise was to lay baby on her back and lift one leg towards their stomach (bent) and gently roll to the opposite side then bring back to the middle and repeat with the opposite leg.

How much is too much struggle
by: Joann

A few people have commented that it's good to let my baby get frustrated so that he will learn to crawl (11 months and still not crawling). I find that he either decides he doesn't need to get to that toy and just rolls or spins around or pushes himself backwards to get to another toy or to be honest just fiddles with the carpet (seems to entertain him happily) OR he gets so frustrated that he ends up crying.

Should I let him keep crying or is that beyond frustrated?

Roll and crawl
by: Anonymous

My 7month old daughter uses a sort of roll and crawl movement. She drags herself forward and then rolls all over the room to get her stuff. It is kind of a combo act. I guess she is trying to figure it all out. She loves to roll and does it well, but I wish she would crawl. I am trying not to push her too much.

*** Comment by Dalene ***
If you start off by finding out just how your child is doing right now, you will notice that her crawling development is fine. Confirm the milestone expectations by using the development chart.

The chart also shows that your baby is now only at the 50th percentile of when babies master the skill of crawling. You are therefore right in not trying to push her. Best thing to do right now is to encourage tummy time activities. Also, let her continue with the roll and crawl technique. There is probably no good reason why you would want to change that now.

Crawling backwards
by: Anonymous

My son is only four months old and yes while I recognize that is quite early he is rolling on his stomach and he crawls backwards. I don't know if I should be starting little tricks to allow him to crawl yet?

*** Comment by Dalene ***
It is clearly very early to expect your son to crawl. You can confirm this by studying the baby development chart. But if he is in any case showing signs of wanting to crawl, I don't see any problem encouraging further development.

Try a few of the suggestions on this site. You may also put your hands or any solid surface behind his feet to prevent him from crawling backwards. In most cases it doesn't take long for babies to start crawling forward.

How to crawl
by: Anonymous

Our pediatrician suggests that we show the baby how to crawl. If she sees you crawling she will try and imitate you. My 7mnths baby can get on all fours, but is unable to move forward, sometimes she tries, but gives up easily. So we keep trying to place toys in front of her, slightly out of her reach and encourage her to get them.

She seems to be able to reach the toy, but doesn't crawl, its like she rolls over.

9 Month Old Not Crawling
by: Anonymous

That is exactly the mistake what I have been making all this time! Not until I read your comment did I realize it. I am frustrated with my 9 month old too. She squawks when a toy gets out of reach, so I always go and give it back to her...not anymore. It might take a few days of listening to her fuss but I'm not giving in either. Thanks!

Tummy Time Feeding
by: Anonymous

Here is a tummy time feeding idea that might work to stimulate rolling over and crawling. Put your baby on your tummy and breastfeed your child. There's research indicating it stimulates many primitive reflexes. It will also lengthen the tummy muscles and strengthen the arms and neck. Regarding stimulating rolling over? not sure what helped the most with my daughter, but basically breasts or whatever food you give is the best motivator.

It probably all started with co-sleeping. Every feed my daughter would notice I was on one side, her dad on the other. She would roll over towards wherever the nipple was, even 'crawling' from birth if I didn't wake fast enough. Once I began waking easier and placing her on the breast rather than letting her find it herself, she got lazy and unfortunately lost the crawling. Next baby I'll try to tummy time feed all the time.

Try placing baby on their back with food or toy just out of reach and get them to grab it. Or put them on their tummy.

Try them with clothes and nappy off in case it affects their mobility - babies need to learn to move in clothes as we're not naturally designed to wear them. Nakedness may help more primitive reflexes to kick in especially if mum's naked too. Don't force or upset them, make it fun and exciting.

Walk Before She Crawls
by: courtney

It could be just the possibility that she may walk before she crawls. Some babies take a lot longer to start crawling than others. Other babies start as early as 6-7 months and then some babies don?t start crawling until after 1 year of age. It all depends on the baby. You should not be worried yet. Just keep working with her and she will eventually get the hang of it.

Rolling And Crawling
by: Anonymous

My son was slow at rolling and crawling also. I am home with him all day so I was able to figure out what the problem was. He's my first and I wanted to appease his every need. I realized I was scooting his toys within arms reach for him. And if he started to whimper or get frustrated, I would pick him up and move him to where he wanted to go.

After I realized I was hindering his development rather than helping him, I stopped doing it. I endured a few days of his frustrations, but he began to roll and crawl to get the things he wanted.

This may not be at all what's going on with your baby, but maybe it will help.

*** Comment by Dalene***
This mistake is probably one of the most frequent reasons why many babies do not crawl or is slow to crawl. They don't have to! Parents think they are doing their children a favor by moving everything closer to their child, but they're not!

However cruel this may sound, let your child spend some tummy time struggling and figuring out how to move and get to things. That's one sure way of speeding up development.

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