Rolls from back to tummy

(Victoria Australia)

My 10 month old never rolls from back to tummy. He does not like being on his tummy and can roll from tummy to back when placed on his tummy. He does not push up, but seems keen to stand. When should I worry? Is there anything I should be doing right now?

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Early intervention is important
by: Anonymous

Early intervention is important, so I would not "wait and see". I would get the help of a good physical therapist who can give you tips to help him meet his developmental milestones. Your baby should be crawling and I do not see how he can crawl without being on his tummy. It may not mean there is anything permanently wrong, but I would not delay as you may be missing a window of opportunity to get him on track. Also, if there is a medical problem, finding out sooner is better. Early intervention is very important.

Teach baby to roll

Teach baby to roll... it is usual for babies to learn how to roll from tummy to back before they learn the opposite way so this is a little unusual. However, if he can do one presumably he is capable of the other even if he chooses not to try.

You say that baby seems keen to stand so he is obviously developing normally in other ways. How much opportunity does he have to lie on his back on a firm surface where he can push up? Have you tried placing something interesting just out of reach to one side when he is lying on his back?

When you say he does not push up do you mean when he is on his tummy? Does he push upwards if you hold him in a standing position on your lap? Again, if his neck muscles are strong enough he should be able to lift up his head to see something interesting and if it is high enough up he will learn to push up.

Encourage your son to enjoy being on his tummy. Try sitting on the floor yourself and let your son lie across your knee which you then rise and lower - perhaps to a little song. If he enjoys this he is more likely to roll onto his tummy. It is likely however that there really is nothing to worry about, especially as he seems to want to stand.

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