Rolls his eyes

My 2yr old constantly rolls his eyes to the right and then starts to spin on the spot. He has done it since he was about 1. He did stop for a little bit, but has recently started again. It's been worrying me. I'm going to take him to the docs but I just needed some advice. It looks really weird and freaky.

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Baby rolling eyes

When did this behavior begin? Had your son had some feverish illness at about the same time? When you say 'constantly' do you mean every day, or for hours on end? Does he get upset if you interrupt his chosen behavior? And is your son at a normal level of development for his age? Does he interact with others or avoid looking at them?

Sorry for all these questions, but if this habit is really as persistent as you suggest, you should probably get him checked by a physician to see if there is a physical reason for his behavior.

Truly alarming activities
by: Anonymous

Babies do tend to find some truly alarming activities fun and enjoyable... alarming for the adults and great fun for the kids that is. Some tend to head bang and so on. Your baby's eye rolling and spinning seems to be a part of that.

The thing with babies is that they do all weird and random things, quite simply because they CAN; or because they just learned how to do it and they enjoy the feeling.

But be careful, if your baby started to do this after a fall or some incident then you should see a doctor. Also sometimes this could be the sign of an eye infection or other eye disorder, if your baby continues to do this, you should certainly see a doctor.

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