Screams often

My grandson is now 13 months old. He has a temper and screams often. Going shopping with him is really hard on my daughter. If he gets something he is not supposed to and we take it away, he will scream and start trashing the place. Like throwing papers or objects off couch, tables, etc. And when he is picked up he will swing at us. Is this normal development?

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Terrible two's
by: Reena Daruwalla

They do not call them the terrible two's for nothing... kids aged between 12 and 36 months. It could be attention seeking behavior, or learning manipulative behavior or it could just be frustration. Some babies just get frustrated at not being able speak and communicate properly and then they act out.

A little cousin of mine used to only scream and throw shoes - that was his form of communication until age two when he finally started to say actual words.

But that is no reason that bad behavior should be tolerated. You can firmly tell the child that certain behavior is not acceptable and reinforce good behavior. Also try and understand what he is trying to convey with his screaming.

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