Seems very intelligent

by Kelly
(Hamilton, Ontario, Cananda)

My son is only 8 months old and he seems very intelligent. He learns very quickly in every aspect. I am amazed by him. He seems to catch onto things quicker than most babies. And reaches milestone before most as well. I'm wondering if there is any way you can tell if he will be just as quick, intelligent and wise as he ages and school approaches?

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Enjoyable age
by: Anonymous

8 Months is a very enjoyable age for babies. Is that a picture of your baby? He?s beautiful!

And I don?t mean to burst your bubble, but parents do tend to see the best in their babies and find everything they do amazing. Don?t get me wrong; your baby is probably really smart for his age and is getting to his milestones early as well ? but it doesn?t necessarily translate to being very intelligent later.

A niece of mine had early milestones and then later was found to have above average intelligence but dyslexia as well.

At this stage just enjoy your baby! This is such a delightful and enjoyable age!

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