Separation Anxiety

by Kavita Rooj
(Mumbai India)

Is it normal for a 15 month old baby to have no separation anxiety that is showing no special emotions on seeing her mother after a few hours? My daughter does not show any special emotion like running to me or smiling after she sees me.

I'm really concerned since other kids of her age are very excited on seeing their parents.

Any views or comments that could help with my separation anxiety concern?

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Separation anxiety
by: Anonymous

Some kids can be extraordinarily self possessed and can actually offend parents by their seeming indifference to their coming and going. Maybe you are just lucky to have a child who does not cause you this hassle. If all else is well, why worry?

Also, babies who are used to their parents going to work each day and so on, usually display less separation anxiety.

There is also the view that if the parents are relaxed and easy going sorts, then the baby is also likely to be the same and may not display separation anxiety.

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