Shakes While Feeding

by Taylor
(Scottsdale, AZ)

My son is almost 7 months old. He is in always considered extremely healthy, and from what I've read ahead of the development curve.

But I do have one thing I am concerned about: when he gets really tired and I'm giving him a bottle he shakes.

This started at about 5 months of age, and has only happened 5 times or so. The 1st time it was just his arm, the second time both of them. The last couple it has been his head and arms.

He goes to sleep while feeding and is fine when he wakes up after the shaking. He is also fine once I get him to his crib. At 1st I thought seizures, but this is the only time this happens.

Should I be concerned? I've let it go because he seems more than fine at all other times, and after this takes place.

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Jerky movements
by: Reena

Jerky movements, quivering chin, trembling hands, and so on are quite normal for most babies. And if the shaking happens at particular times, this is probably not a seizure or something to be concerned about. Also if the baby is healthy and gaining weight normally, then this should not be any reason to worry.

However, if you are concerned you should rule out problems such as low blood sugar or something similar by speaking to your pediatrician.

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