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When is the right or best time to buy the first pair of shoes for baby?

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Go Barefoot
by: Aida

According to the American Podiatric Medical Association, "Allowing babies to go barefoot or to wear just socks helps the foot to grow normally and to develop its musculature and strength as well as the grasping action of the toes."

Most pediatrician sites also recommend that children first learning to walk go barefoot.

This being said, if what you are looking for is ocassional decor on baby's feet, once in a while it's fine to put on shoes. If however your little one is learning to stand and walk, let the baby go barefoot at home.

A healthy suggestion is to keep everyone in the household from entering the house with shoes worn outside. Sounds hard and crazy but studies probe that in todays world one of the main polluters and hazards at home are the toxins introduced by the sole in shoes. The japanesse have got it down pretty good. Place a small shoe rack right by the entrance of your home and stack it with slippers or sandals only to be worn indoors. That way anybody entering changes into comfies immediatly. You can even have baby wappies for those fearing odor or just picky. It's not practical at first but once you've stablished a routine, you do it in automatic.

Also little feet need protection from rough surfaces and dirty floors outdoors. Soft-soled shoes provide the health benefits of being barefoot, with the added protection of a padded sole. The American Podiatric Medical Association recommends
Pedipeds Footwear
for babies. You can find them
. They are trully soft and they have great designs. My baby uses them and they look and feel great.

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