Should Baby Look At Me?

by Heidi

In everything I read about infant development, the number one object my 5 week old should be looking at is my face. If this is the case, should I be worried that he doesn't look at me for more than a few seconds and then constantly turns his direction to try and focus on the ceiling (even when there isn't a light to look at)?

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Baby Sight Stimulation
by: Anonymous

Dr Trisha Macnair recommends the following:

* Sit your baby on a relative's lap
* Crouch down so your face becomes level with your baby's face and about an arm's length away from them
* Your baby should fix his eyes on your face (rather than looking anywhere else)
* Keep looking at your baby but move your head around from one side to another
* Your baby should keep his eyes fixed on your gaze

I practiced variations of these steps with my baby as a stimulation exercise since she was a newborn.

Alternatively, move a colorful toy in front of your baby. Encourage your baby's interest in primary colors and, as he gets older, pastels. Some great eye-catchers include primary-colored mobiles, (hung out of reach), bright posters, and visually striking board books. They should be able to follow a brightly coloured moving toy held about 20cm (8in) away from them by about six weeks.

Small babies are easily distracted and it can be very difficult to test their sight.

It is best checked by a professional when in doubt. The earlier an eye problem is detected the greater the chance to correct it.

*** Dalene's Comment ***
This is a great practical response which should be done by all parents.

Also, can you see why I keep on suggesting that chosing the right learning toys is a very practical way to stimulate and encourage baby skills? In this case the selection of brightly colored mobiles and activity centers are highly encouraged.

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