Should I Help Baby To Crawl At 1 Month Old?

by Jim A
(London, UK)

My baby has just turned 1 month old today.

Since birth, she has had good control of her head and neck and could hold her neck up for 30 seconds on her 3rd day.

When placed on my chest, she tries to crawl up my chest and I can hold my hands underneath her feet - she then pushes against them and moves her arms, usually digging her elbows into me!

When I hold her upright she sometimes puts her feet on the ground and then puts her legs straight. She pushes herself up and virtually takes her own weight.

My question is, should I encourage this or can I do any permanant damage i.e. hurting her legs etc.?

Would be interested in your options and especially any medical advice?

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by: Anonymous

Babies are born with a push away (Bauer's) reflex so that they can help themselves be born and also push their way onto the breast. Continue with tummy time and stimulating the feet so that reflex turns in a more permanent skill. It normally disappears by 6 weeks and will reappear again when he/she is ready to crawl.

by: mami de 4

All of my children had such reflexes when they were newborns and I believe it is because that is what they did intra utero. And not only that, but I also believe it relates to nursing. Unless you do all the guiding a baby would naturally look for the breast or the skin. You don't have to do anything special to encourage the movement and I think it is quite normal and helps to strengthen their little bodies.

Same Crawling Problem
by: Anonymous

My son who just turned two months does the same thing. And it also scares me a lot.

Don't Worry About Baby Crawling
by: Ingrid

Don't worry about baby crawling too much at this stage. My baby did exactly what you explained.

I did not stop him to do so, although the doctors do not encourage this. Their explanation is that some problem in the development of correct leg position may occur.

My personal opinion is that babies are inteligent and if they cannot do something (for example because his body is not yet fully developed) they just simply don't do it. Therefore, if your baby is pushing her height, why not permit it?

My baby started directly to walk (without crawling) at 9 months. Now he has 25 months and he seems to have no problems at all. I will not worry too much.

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