Sit and slide

by Grammi

My grandbaby was crawling just fine but somewhere along the line he switched from crawling to a sit and slide maneuver. He rarely crawls but sits with one leg Indian style other leg reaching outstretched and pulls himself forward with that foot and his hands. His folded leg seems fine, no injury or tenderness and he does still stand holding on to something. He makes no attempt to let go and promptly sits if his hands release. The slide is his preferred method of travel and has been for months. Is this just his quirky thing or has something gone wrong? His parents are unconcerned and I am hoping, rightly so, but wonder if it is worth mentioning to his pediatrician. He is 12 months old.

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Very late walker
by: Anonymous

I had a younger sister who did exactly the same and was a very late walker simply we think because she found this to be a very efficient way of getting around and faster than crawling. Does he seem to be progressing well in other ways? If so do not worry, just give him time. As long as he can actually take weigh ton both feet without pain there is almost certainly nothing wrong. Meanwhile enjoy your grandson.

Scooting baby
by: Shelley Mannell pediatric PT

You decribe a typical scooting baby. You do not note any concerns with muscle tone for your grandbaby. So, if all the other milestones are in order (gross motor, fine motor and communication) and he did crawl for some of the time, then this scooting is probably nothing to worry about.

Crawling does help development of the shoulder, elbow and hand muscles however, as he did crawl some they should be fine. He may have found that this position leaves his hands free for play and sets him up to transition into standing more quickly and easily than crawling. There is more variety in typical development than we usually think. He is also within the typical age range for pulling to stand.

Watch for him to begin to let go with 2 hands in play. You can encourage this by asking him to pass you toys when he is playing in standing, making a game out of reaching slightly further in different directions and putting toys slightly out of his reach on a couch so he has to take a step sideways/cruise to get them. The object however at this age is to make it a fun game! Whenever a child favours one side over another, it is always good for a medical professional to clear the joint (in this case the hip) just to be safe.

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