Slither Along The Floor

by Karen McCutcheon

I watched my granddaughter slither along the floor yesterday. I noticed her sitting up at one time and she fell over sideways as she turned to pick something up.

The slithering on the floor gets her around but she will stop and put her head down to rest at times and then continue moving along.

They keep her in pajamas all day, put her to bed and next day the same thing. I know she changes her pj's, but they are way too small for her. Her toes have no room left and they are way too short. I feel the PJs give her no room to bend her leg. Can this be a cause for the slithering along the floor?

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Babies slither
by: Anonymous

Many babies slither. The pajamas could be a reason, but then again they may not be. Lots of babies never crawl, because they accidentally learn to slither and find that this is as good a way as any to get around. So they never bother to learn how to crawl; going straight from slithering to walking upright!

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