3 Things You Can Do To Develop a Social Baby

Social baby: 3 Things you can do to develop your child

Many parents forget that having a social baby is just as important as whether she can walk or play with a ball.  Social skills teach your baby how not to be afraid of others, encourage speech development and even social manners around other people. 

One great form of infant social development is when parents make time to interact with their babies

It is a skill that is learned and improved by interacting with both adults and other children. It can also be quite easily learned if you have other children who naturally interact with your baby.

But also, it is not a skill that can be learned in isolation

Developing a social baby is another skill for which there is a window of opportunity. That simply means you mustn't fail to socially develop your child until they reach the age of five and go to kindergarten.

If you do not use this time period, so much is already lost by then that your child may never feel socially comfortable. 

It is also known that having your child watch television of people socializing is NOT working. Socializing needs practice and interaction — something that television cannot deliver. 

Fortunately, during the first 5 years there are...

3 Things you can do to develop a social baby

Informal social interaction
One of them is to take them to the park every week or so.  Allow the child to interact with infants, toddlers and preschoolers on the swings or as you help them down the slide.  Let them watch other children squealing and laughing and get them involved in playing with other children to the extent that their age allows. 

Formal interaction

Much infant social development takes place when children meet and play with each other.

Make play dates with other children their age.  Playing with other babies and toddlers teaches your child social skills and what kind of behavior is acceptable and what isn’t acceptable.  You can choose play dates with one or a couple of children but make it casual and have plenty of toys for your child to play with. 

Watch the children carefully or they will soon be hitting each other over the head with the toys.  Help them learn sharing and other appropriate behaviors with children their own age and help them recognize how to solve conflict.

Don’t expect it to turn out perfectly at all times as these children are often very ego-centric and need to learn to think of others as much as they think of themselves. 

Try to take your child to daycare at least once a week.  You’ll get your errands done that day and your child will learn what it’s like to be in a “pack” of kids of all different ages.  He or she will learn the routine that goes with daycare and will learn how to play the games they play in daycare. 

You can choose a home daycare or a more institutional setting.  Either way, there will be lots of children to play with and to interact with. 

Take home ideas

  1. Anything is better than putting your child in front of the television trying to develop a social baby.  The television does NOT teach socialization because children do not learn these things by observing other children or cartoons doing them. 

  2. Infant social development is only learned by doing… and not by seeing. 

  3. Spend time talking to your child so they learn verbal skills so important to the socialization process.

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