Stand unsupported

by Anne Inns
(Oxfordshire, England)

My son-in-law tries to let his 4 month old baby stand unsupported. He stands her and just holds her hands(not even firmly) until her legs give way. Is this doing any harm to her?

*** Comment by Dalene ***
The first thing I always suggest parents do is to find out what their baby should be doing right now. So, let's have a look at the baby development chart.

You will see that it's waaaaaay to soon to expect the baby to stand - let alone standing unsupported. Keep in mind that all babies must develop certain complex skills AND have the necessary physical strength and development before they will learn to stand unaided.

My suggestion at this age would be to spend lots of time sitting, rolling and in general... spending time on the floor. You will most likely see more rapid development this way than trying to shortcut natural development.

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Help baby to stand
by: Anonymous

I help my baby to stand. I have been doing that for almost 2 months now and soon he is about to be 4 months. I help him stand though. I hold him so he does not fall or I hold his hands. I do not expect him to stand on his own for some time yet, but he hates laying down when he wants to be active. So either I sit him up or stand him. However, when his legs start to wobble or show tiredness I sit him down. So far my baby is very healthy. I do not think there is any harm in standing him up for a while as long as he is helped.

Baby standing up
by: Anonymous

Most babies enjoy bearing weight on their legs at that age - they do however "lose" this skill for a little while at about 5 months... meaning they do not bear weight for long periods.

With baby doing lots of floor work she practices balancing, when on tummy she strengthens arms, neck, tummy etc to get ready for following milestones. Tummy lying is also important for hand muscle development - for fine motor skills.

These are just a few examples as to why sitting and being on tummy is more preferred for a baby of that age.

Baby standing
by: Anonymous

Here's my perspective on baby standing. I don't think this can cause your baby any harm. I think lot of parents fear that their child may become bow legged or that there could be other skeletal problems or developmental problems. But practically speaking, bearing weight on their legs even at 3 or 4 months of age is not going to cause them any harm.

This chart for milestones related to standing, may be of some help to you for giving perspective on things:

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