Stands on top of her toes

by Elizabeth
(Santa Maria, CA)

My friend's daughter stands on top of her toes. She is 11 months old and curls her toes when she's standing so she is effectively standing on top of them. This is not tippy toes - she's really standing on the toes themselves. She'll take a few steps like that and not move the toes back to their normal position. Even if you stand her up and put her in a normal standing position, her heels never touch the ground and she will curl her feet back up. It's odd, and I can't seem to find any information on it. Anyone have any experience with this?

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Will grow out of it
by: Anonymous

I did this as a toddler. And would try to do it until I could no longer support my weight. I would love to tell you I am a famous ballet dancer, but I am not. I walk just like everyone else. :) She will grow out of it!

Standing on her toes
by: TOKE

I don't think its any big deal. My 4 yr old used to stand, walk and run on his toes when he was younger. I used to wonder if he'll ever walk on his heel. But now he is 4 and walk well and smartly too.
Kids are just very funny:-)

About walking tip toe
by: Dafna

I'm an infant development consultant. I don't have experience with what you've described specifically, but I do with tip toeing.

Going on just the information you provide I would suggest to your friend to give her deep pressure (almost like deep tissue massage) to the entire back of her body and specifically to the backs of her legs to release any muscle tension (it's probably there even if you can't see it) that makes it hard for her to put her heels down.

Also, try not to place her in a standing position and allow her to get there on her own. One of the things that can strengthen that is placing her in a squatting position, holding her ankles only to the ground (while sitting behind her) and encouraging her to stand up from there using the power of her legs only by pushing the ground and not her hands pushing or pulling on furniture.

Again, without seeing the baby or knowing anymore information these are the general suggestions I can give. Please note that these are things you must keep doing for a while to see changes and require practicing over and over.

I would love to hear what you think and if you tried my suggestions.

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