Stares at his right hand

by Amanda Adkins
(Colorado Springs, Colorado)

I have 9 month old twin boys, and only one twin constantly stares at his right hand. Could there be something wrong? Everything else about him seems normal, just that he stares at only his right hand most of his waking hours. Can you help?

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Stares at his arm
by: Blake Vaughn

My 2 and a half year old son also stares at his arm. He started doing it recently but he stares at his left arm at different times throughout the day. It does not happen always, but it seems to happen when he wants attention or gets bored.

He speaks in complete sentences and is a very well-rounded child. He's healthy and continues to play, eat, learn and speak normally. According to his doctors his intelligence is perfect.

My mother and I also have been researching this behavior where kids stares at their arm or hand. So far all articles pertaining to this type of behavior point to the child somehow being "gifted" ? whether artistically or mentally varies.

We are going to take him to get his arm X-Rayed to make sure everything looks normal. He doesn't complain about pain and when I ask him if he has a "boo-boo" on his arm he says no. My suggestion would be to get an X-Ray of the child?s hand to exclude the possibility of an injury that?s causing this behavior. I'll post back after we get his X-Ray results.

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