Started walking independently

My son just turned 8 months and has started walking independently. I am concerned that there might be something wrong with him or that it might cause damage. There is nothing I can do to stop him walking and he seems to have very good balance. Is it OK?

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Tips for early walkers
by: Dalene

First thing is to realize that starting to walk at 8 months is very early. Your child?s walking development happens well within the first 20th-percentile of all babies. However, my suggestion is not to get so focused on further developing his walking ability that you completely ignore the other development areas.

My tips for early walkers are:

1. Keep on encouraging floor exercises with activities like playing with toy cars, building blocks and even crawling tunnels to encourage crawling.

2. Stimulate walking development by using toys such as pull or push toys. Note: as a general rule large toys stimulate development of gross motor activities like walking. And small toys generally stimulate fine motor activities.

3. Improve walking ability by letting your baby walk on different texture surfaces like a newspaper, sand, concrete, grass and carpets.

4. Encourage development of fine motor and cognitive activities like playing with stacking rings and cups, bath toys, blocks, shapes, etc.

5. Keep on exposing and stimulating your child to other development areas such as auditory (using music toys), social (by interacting with other adults and babies) and speech (by talking to your child).

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