Still does not sit

by Denise
(Puerto Rico)

My son is going to turn 6 months in just two days and he still does not sit. I’ve tried propping him up and all he does is slouch down purposely. He has a bouncer, but that doesn’t offer support for sitting, it’s more for lounging. He has a walker that he loves to be in. Every time that we put him in a sitting position he either leans and falls to the side, on his face or he pulls himself forward as if not wanting to be in a sitting position.

He definitely is not able to sit unsupported, and it even seems that with support his back isn’t strong enough. I don’t know what to do to help him out, because even me getting down and dirty on the tummy mat with him only amuses him for about 2 minutes before he starts to whine and cry. I have put him in his crib a few times and only to find him playing on his tummy after a while.

How can I help learn to sit so that he can continue developing correctly and move forward in his development?

*** Comment by Dalene ***

Denise, let's start off with the good news. If you go to the Baby Development Chart you will see that by about 6 months roughly only 50% of all babies can sit unsupported for 30 seconds. So, continue with your stimulation activities, but don't stress and worry unnecessarily.

I've very recently added a section to help your baby sit up. Please see the article
"Tips & Techniques You Can Use Right Now To Help Baby Sit Up"
. Have a look. I'm confident that these ideas will help.

Lastly, the 2 minutes you spend with your baby on the floor really makes a difference. But don't try to make this time on the floor too long. Rather use several very short sessions. I found that the shorter sessions work much better... and less frustrating for the baby.

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Muscle development
by: Anonymous

It takes a long time for a baby?s muscles to develop enough for them to be able to sit or
stand. Sometime between 4 and 7 months is perfectly normal. He should be able to sit at about the same time that he can roll over or support his head. So there is probably nothing to worry about.

If you are still concerned ask at your local health centre. Meanwhile enjoy your baby. Try putting him in a sitting position, supported at sides and back where he can support himself with his hands in front with toys also in front of him. Later he will use only one hand and then neither.

A way of doing this is to place him inside a large cardboard box, or in the corner of a room with cushions to provide support. The easiest way of all is for you to sit on the floor and sit baby, back to you, between your legs. Progress may seem slow, but it will come.

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