Stomach crawl

by Sara

My 8 month old son still stomach crawls. He scoots and slides forward using his upper arms to get to his toys. I have been doing different things to encourage crawling. He can get into the crawling position and has for a month but can't seem to balance on his knees to crawl.

Am I correct to worry that he might miss the milestone of properly crawling? Or do I need to relax and give him more time? He has been achieving all other milestones in the appropriate time.

*** Comment by Dalene ***
Let's start off with the important things first. Have a look at the
development chart
. You will see that your child's development is still perfectly normal and nothing to worry about. So relax!

You don't specifically mention whether your son is using his legs when he moves forward. But it sounds as if he is doing a typical commando crawl / stomach crawl... or at least some form of it.

A lot of his further development depends on having the physical strength to crawl on hands and knees. That still sounds to need some development. Give it some time.

I suggest you also see the tips for teaching him the
crawling moves
. If you carefully try this, I am sure it will only be a very short while before you see results.

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Never crawled
by: Reena Daruwalla

I know that a cousin of mine never crawled at all. She simply walked at eight and a half months of age. I also know a child who simply decided to take his time and crawled for a really long time, showing no signs of wanting to walk even after he turned one.

And when it comes crawling, babies do it any which way. Some do it the normal way on hands and knees, some (like my older daughter) did it this strange dragging way ? both legs to one side and dragging herself using only her arms!

On YouTube, you should put ?baby crawling? in the search box to see the hilarious different ways in which babies crawl ? there is also a really weird and very fast ?head crawling? as well!

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